Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bracket Play Results for Wednesday 11/7

(Winning team is underlined)

Bellevue  24            vs           Lakes  3                             Mercer Is 26         vs     Bainbrdg Is  6

AMntnvw  17          vs           Em Ridge  10                     Curtis  14              vs     Peninsula  3

Enumclaw  12         vs            Lakes  11                          ARiverside  19     vs     Bainbrdg Is  7

Newport  11           vs            Em Ridge   4                     Puyallup  13         vs     Peninsula  7

Bellevue  20            vs            Enumclaw  4                    Mercer Is  14       vs     ARiverside  10

AMntnvw  4          vs             Newport  11                     Curtis  16             vs     Puyallup  6

As expected, the top eight seeds advance to the quarterfinals on Friday, but there was at least one result that didn't go according to the seedings.  We found out that Newport is not just a legitimate threat but a bona-fide title contender.  The #2 seed Lions of Auburn Mountainview had the misfortune of having Newport in their bracket and fell to the Knights by a score of 11 - 4.  The Lions path to the finals now becomes very difficult as they must face Bellevue in the quarterfinals.  Auburn Riverside held their own against Mercer Island until about midway through the 3rd quarter when the Islanders were able to get the lead and pull away in the final quarter.  Now the Ravens will face Curtis in the quarterfinals in what looks to be a great match.

The games need to be played, but Mercer Island and Newport look to have the easiest routes to the semis by virtue of winning their brackets.  From the Committees perspective, the top games to watch in the quarterfinals will be Curtis vs. Auburn Riverside and Bellevue vs. Auburn Mountainview.  Only four teams move on to the semis, so we will see two of the top 6 ranked teams fall out of title contention.  If Bellevue prevails against Auburn Mountainview, we will likely see three North division teams in the semis. 

Polo On!

Quarterfinal Match Ups for Friday 11/9

Mercer Island vs. Puyallup

Curtis vs. Auburn Riverside

Newport vs. Enumclaw

Bellevue vs. Auburn Mountainview


  1. Any thoughts about last nights games? Any surprises? Curious to hear opinions.

  2. I was surprised with Aub Riverside and Mercer Island. Aub Riverside kept it tight against the #1 team, and at one point was even ahead. I doubt the Islanders expected that.

  3. I'm a little surprised at the Auburn Moutainview/Newport Game. I Thought MV was a stronger team. Maybe they had an off night?

  4. Mountianview definetly had an off night. they missed two 5 meters and couldnt get any shots to go in on their 6 on 5s. They can definetly play better.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for the score correction on the Auburn Mountainview / Emerald Ridge game, but please refrain from negative comments about individual players or teams.

  6. Well Good Luck to Both the Auburn Teams. From watching Riverside last night, they are definitely good enough to be the champs.

    1. well they did lose...

  7. Yes, they did, but from what I could see, Mercer Island isn't really much better, and AR could pull it off. MI did have a longer break in between games. So, we shall see. MI and Newport definitely have it easy tomorrow though. Good Luck to all of the teams.