Sunday, November 7, 2010

Final 2010 Boys High School Rankings

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Curtis
  3. Rogers
  4. Newport
  5. Roosevelt
  6. Bellevue
  7. Enumclaw
  8. Wilson
  9. Auburn
  10. Lakes
In an epic showdown of titanic water polo powers, Mercer Island beat CPA in the High School Club Championship game 8 to 5.  With the score tied at 1 apiece after the first quarter, Mercer Island was able to shut out CPA in the second and third quarters while tallying 5 goals.  In the end the deficit was too much for CPA to overcome and Mercer Island wins the championship for the 11th year in a row.  A great season for the Islanders complete with sweet revenge, a championship, and the #1 ranking in the final poll.  Speaking of epic dramatic championship finals, the South Sound State Championship showdown between Curtis and Rogers lived up to the hype. With the atmosphere of a heavyweight title match, the Rogers faithful arrived in force hoping for their first title in 20 years.  Tied at the end of the first quarter, both teams were locked in a defensive battle.  At the half Curtis held a 1 point lead at 3 to 2.  Championships are won with defense and offensive adjustments to take advantage of what little is given.  This is where a season's worth of conditioning and hard work comes down to the final 14 minutes of a long season.  In the end, the Curtis Vikings had just a little more depth  and were able to outscore and outlast Rogers in an action packed 9 to 7 victory.  A fantastic season earns Curtis the #2 ranking in the final poll.  For Rogers it has been a great season and the Rams retain the #3 spot in the final poll.  A young Newport team put a trip to California to good use to gain valuable experience prior to the state tournament.  Two exciting wins over Roosevelt proved that Newport was one of the most improved teams in the playoffs, and the Knights jump up to the #4 spot in the final rankings.  Roosevelt was on the ropes going into a cross-over game against Bellevue and in danger of plunging in the polls.  Defense made the difference as the Roughriders prevailed over the Wolverines 11 -7 to retain their #5 ranking.  Bellevue’s season ended with a 14 to 7 victory over Bainbridge, but the loss to Roosevelt drops the Wolverines to #6 in the final poll.  Going into the playoffs, the Hornets of Enumclaw seemed to be struggling and a first round match against Curtis looked ominous for the Hornets.  Despite losing 9 to 2, the match was much closer than the score indicating the Hornets were going to cause trouble for opponents the rest of the way.   The Hornets pulled together and ran the table with victories over Puyallup, Wilson and Auburn to earn an impressive 3rd place finish in the South Sound State Tournament and the #7 spot in the final rankings.  Hey, after a weekend like that,  it seems a higher ranking is in order, but it gets crowded at the top and the Committee can't completely forget the regular season.  Wilson was victorious in the first round of the playoffs, but was not able to keep Rogers in check in the second round.  Hopes for a third place finish were dashed by Enumclaw, but the Rams did close the tournament with an impressive win over Lakes and finish the year with the #8 ranking.  Auburn came into the playoffs ranked #6.   After an opening round victory over Puyallup, the Trojans fell flat against the Curtis Vikings and barely survived in their next game against Lakes before falling to Enumclaw.  Yes, the Committee knows you finished the tournament ahead of the Wilson Rams, but in the final rankings you are falling behind Wilson at # 9.  The difference proved to be performance against common opponents in the playoffs.  Hey Lakes, welcome to the top ten.  It’s been a long road but your impressive win over Auburn Mountainview and close loss against Auburn shows how far you’ve come since the beginning of the season.  The #10 spot is for the Lancers to cherish until next season.  Sorry Auburn Mountainview, you had a nice season but you are dropping out of the top 10 to end the year.  The Committee expects the Lions to roar loud next year.

Though much time, research, and thought are put into the process, these rankings are only the opinion of the Committee.  They are intended to provide information and fun for those who follow high school water polo,  as well as to promote water polo to a larger fan base.  No disrespect is intended to any team, and I encourage each team to fully celebrate their accomplishments in their respective leagues.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Overview for the High School Club State Championship (North)


6 teams are entered into the Championship Tournament for the high school club teams in the north end. The teams are divided into two brackets based on seeding.  Bracket A has #1 CPA, #4 Bellevue, and #6 Bainbridge.  Bracket B has #2 Mercer Island, #3 Roosevelt and #5 Newport.  The objective in bracket play is simple.  If you win your bracket, you advance to the semi-finals.  Otherwise you play a cross bracket elimination game.  So the second place finisher in bracket A will play the third place finisher in Bracket B. In theory, a team could go winless in bracket play and still qualify for the semi-final by winning their cross bracket match and that scenario is not out of the question.
Friday evening will be basically round robin play within the brackets.  In Bracket A, CPA is undefeated in league play and will be the favorite to advance to the semis.  CPA is the strongest team but they do have a tendency to allow their opponents to hang around.  Bellevue might be able to make it close, but expect CPA to punch their ticket directly to the semis.  Bellevue should finish second followed by Bainbridge Island.
In Bracket B, Mercer Island is the strong favorite.  Roosevelt and Newport just don’t have the depth and experience to challenge the Islanders.  Mercer Island should easily advance to the semis.   The game of the night is between Newport vs. Roosevelt.  Even though Roosevelt is the higher seed, the Roughriders have only managed to squeak by their opponents.  Roosevelt defeated Newport early in the season by 1 point with a game winning shot in the closing seconds. This one promises to be a nail biter. The winner of this game has the inside track to the semis and the loser will most likely face Bellevue in the cross bracket game.
Regardless of which teams amongst Bellevue, Newport, Roosevelt, or Bainbridge survive the cross bracket games and advance to the semis, their road to the finals will come to an abrupt end.  You can pretty much count on the championship final to be Mercer Island vs. CPA. 
The finals promise to be an epic battle.  The regular season match between CPA and Mercer Island went the distance with CPA coming from behind to win by 1 point.  Without a doubt, one of the most exciting high level games of the year.   Expect this final match to be every bit as thrilling.  Both teams are loaded with talent but Mercer Island has an edge in one important intangible.  Expect the Islander’s senior leadership to make the difference as they win their 11th straight title.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Overview for the South Sound State Championship

LIONS, VIKINGS, AND RAMS: OH MY! (Plus Hornets, Trojans, and Lancers too)

Playoff Teams

West Division                                             East Division

1. Rogers                                                      1. Auburn
2. Curtis                                                        2. Wilson
3. Lakes                                                        3. Enumclaw
4. Puyallup                                                    4. Auburn Mountainview

The South Sound playoffs are played out to 8th place so each team is guaranteed at least 3 games.  The objective is simple: Survive and Advance.  However, the first round might be better described as conquer and advance.  The higher seeds have a definite advantage in skill and experience.  Upsets in the first round are unlikely with one possible exception. More on that a little later.

The Lions of Auburn Mountainview surprised themselves this year as the young team proved early on in the season that they were a playoff contender.  A great accomplishment, but as the East #4 seed, they are no match against a powerful Rogers squad that exudes experience, balance, offense and defense.  The Lions will be able to build upon the experience for next year, but this year look for Rogers to advance to the semis.

Auburn has had a stellar season and earned the #1 seed in the East.  Congratulations to Puyallup who is the #4 seed out of the West, but the Vikings are in no position to make much noise in the playoffs this year.  Look for the Auburn Trojans to advance easily to the semis.

The Hornets of Enumclaw have had a great season and proved that they can compete with both Auburn and Wilson.  However, the #3 seed does not help their cause this year as the Hornets open up against a mighty Curtis team.  The Hornets fell hard to Curtis just a few weeks ago and it's unlikely they can do much to overcome the Vikings now.  Look for Curtis to advance to the semis.

The possible exception mentioned earlier is the #2 vs. #3 matchup between Wilson and Lakes. This looks to be the most competitive game of the first round.  The Lakes Lancers are young and have not had much success against ranked teams so far, but the Lancers keep getting a little better each week.  Wilson finished strong but have showed some inconsistency this year.  This game has the potential to be close, but Wilson should advance to the semis.

Assuming the upper seeds prevail in the first round, the semis promise to be much more competitive. As the #1 and #2 seeds collide, the pressure will be building and it will be interesting to see which teams will handle it.  Auburn as the East #1 seed should be matched against the West #2 Curtis.  For the Trojans it has been a great ride, but Curtis is bringing too much power, balance and defense.  Look for the Vikings to advance to the finals.

A potential Rogers-Wilson matchup should be a great game.  Rogers will be the favorite in this Battle of the Rams.  Rogers has all the tools to win a championship, but if you are looking for an upset, this is the game. Its ironic that Wilson who has the most difficult matchup in the first round also poses the most difficult matchup in the semis. The excitement and pressure will be intense and Wilson has the tools to hang around in this game if their defense can step up.  This one will be a nail biter but look for the Rams to advance to the final.  (I mean Rogers)

The traits of a high school water polo champion include senior leadership, teamwork, balance, high power offense and a strong defense.  Both Rogers and Curtis exhibit these traits in abundance.  Barring any upsets, this will be the Championship game.  The team that can handle the pressure and minimize their defensive breakdowns will win, but it's too close for me to call.  

Good luck to all the teams.  You've all earned the right to continue your season this weekend.  ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 11/1/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Curtis
  3. Rogers
  4. Bellevue
  5. Roosevelt
  6. Auburn
  7. Wilson
  8. Enumclaw
  9. Newport
  10. Auburn Mountainview
Just in case anyone had any doubts about Mercer Island's #1 ranking, the Islanders made a strong statement in their 21 - 9 victory over Bellevue. After falling behind 4 to 2 at the end of the first quarter, Mercer Island took control outscoring the Wolverines 19 to 5 the rest of the way.  No one else in the state is going to score 21 points on Bellevue, and Mercer Island easily retains their #1 status.  Roosevelt had an opportunity to make a statement last week but failed to impress the Committee with their 11 -7 victory over Bainbridge Island.  Sure the Roughriders won, but it was a lackluster effort.  The cardiac moments are entertaining but the Committee expects more from a #2 going into the playoffs.  Sorry Roosevelt, but you are taking a slide down to #5.  You can prove the Committee wrong next weekend in the playoffs.  Curtis finished their regular season with impressive wins over both Puyallup and Kentridge.  The Vikings have been on a roll and are peaking at the right time.  Congratulations Curtis, this week you are #2.  Rogers moves up one spot to #3.  The Rams also appear to be peaking going into the playoffs and displayed both their power and defense in victories over Mark Morris and Auburn Riverside.  A Curtis-Rogers showdown looks likely in the championship final.  Well Bellevue, the Committee really can't penalize you for a loss to Mercer Island.  Hey you were leading after one quarter and you did score 9 points, so welcome to #4.  Again, the Committee thinks the difference between #2 through #5 is negligible, but choices have to be made.  Auburn cranked up their offense against Stadium early last week and enter the playoffs as a #1 seed which is good enough to hold on to #6 in the top ten.  Coming in at #7, Wilson looked strong in victories over Auburn Mountainview and Puyallup.  The first round of the playoffs will not be a cakewalk against Lakes, but if Wilson prevails, Rogers will have their hands full in the semis.  Enumclaw struggled this week in wins against Auburn Riverside and Peninsula.  The Committee is a little concerned, but the Hornets get the benefit of the doubt and hold on to #8.  Staying at #9, Newport lost their regular season final to CPA which is something they have in common with everyone else in their league.  The Knights are young but they might be poised to surprise a team or two in their championship tournament.  Speaking of young, Auburn Mountainview split last week's games with a loss to Wilson and a win over Peninsula to finish the regular season.  Welcome to the playoffs.  Your reward is getting to keep the #10 spot, and by the way, your first round opponent is Rogers.  Sorry Lakes, we know your are improving.  The playoffs will give you a great opportunity to show everyone that you deserve a place in the top ten (or not).

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"  Michael Jordan

Last Week's Poll Question

Which team should be ranked #2?
Last weeks question garnered the highest response of all.  Apparently the fans in the south sound are a little more passionate than the fans in the north end.  Rogers received 29 votes, followed by Curtis with 24.  Roosevelt and Bellevue each had 8.  Interesting and fun but the Committee does not consider the poll question when determining the weekly rankings.

Please check out the IMPACT PLAYERS who were recognized in the previous post dated 10/29/2010.

Also check back later in the week when the Committee attempts to offer some insight into the playoffs

Friday, October 29, 2010


The Committee considers an Impact Player to be one of the elite players in their league.  They're a player that can impact the game both offensively and defensively. Opposing coaches are aware of them and adjust game plans because of them, but these players still deliver.   When the game is on the line,  these are the players that can step up to make the difference.

The following Impact Players received multiple nominations from opposing coaches. With one exception, recognition was limited to one field player per team. 
(Listed in no particular order and my apologies for any misspelling of names)

Bryan Diebag, Auburn:  Very athletic player that poses a constant offensive threat when the ball is in his hand.

Conner Stinson, Roosevelt:  Possesses a mind for the game. Great anticipation and defensive skills make him one of the top thieves in the state as well as being an ever present scoring threat on the perimeter.

Matt Archer, Lakes: Powerful and athletic with an up tempo game and the ability to score from anywhere.

Eugene Chong, Mercer Island:  Was a member of the national junior team for a reason. A natural in the water that makes it look easy.  Best all around player in the state who can simply can do it all!

Nick Anthony, Wilson:  All around threat.  Strong hole set, defender and outside shooter.

Henry Fox, Mercer Island:  Big, strong and fast.  Can play all facets of the game. Incredible outside shot and excellent counter attacker who will take his game to the next level.

Justin Jones, Rogers:  Powerful shooter who possesses a strong tread giving him the ability to soar over defenders for a catch and shoot.

Chase Middlesworth, Bellevue:  A versatile physical player. A premier driver that is a constant scoring threat whenever and wherever he has the ball with shut down defensive skills both inside and out.

Adam Florsheim, CPA:  Only a sophomore whose goalie skills make him a game changer.  Ability to force even the best shooters to rethink their shots.

Peter Hammer, Curtis: Strong all around game.  Big offensive threat both on the inside and on the perimeter with the ability to take a game over. 

Garrett Hall,  Enumclaw:  Good team leader with a strong outside shot and the ability to score from anywhere.

Lee Griffin, Newport:  Big quick and dangerous in the hole set with the ability to also shoot from the outside.

Nick Glidden, CPA:  Left handed threat with the defensive skills to shutdown anyone.

Max Spaulding, Rogers: Experience,leadership, and skill make him one the states defensive stalwarts between the posts.

Hunter Arnold, Auburn Mountainview:  Strong all around game. Well grounded in the fundamentals both offensively and defensively.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/25/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Roosevelt
  3. Curtis
  4. Rogers
  5. Bellevue
  6. Auburn
  7. Wilson
  8. Enumclaw
  9. Newport
  10. Auburn Mountainview

Lets start with the easy stuff.  Mercer Island retains the #1 position winning the battle of the island teams over Bainbridge 13 - 4.  An improving Bainbridge team is not a major threat for Mercer Island, but can pose challenges to other league opponents.  The difference between #2 through #5 is razor thin which is probably the reason no team has been able to hold on to the #2 spot. Curtis's victory over Rogers leaves the rankings in a state of turmoil befuddling the Committee.  A four way tie for #2 is not unreasonable, but a little controversy is much more fun.  The choice is not easy, but this much we do know:  In games played amongst Rogers, Curtis, Roosevelt and Bellevue, the only team that has not lost is Roosevelt.  In games that the Committee is aware of,  Roosevelt has two wins over Bellevue and one win over Curtis.  Roosevelt does not appear to dominate any opponents but has an uncanny ability to hang around and hold on for the win.  This week it's good enough (barely) for the #2 ranking. Beware Roosevelt, the #2 ranking comes with a target and Bainbridge is just the type of team that could surprise the Roughriders this week.  The Committee has been tough on Curtis since the first weekly poll following the United Fall Tournament.  Curtis is the only team to lose games to each of the other top 5 teams.  However, it's not how you start but how you finish and last week's one point win over Rogers is proof enough that Curtis deserves at least the #3 spot this week.  Rogers was #2 last week, but the loss to Curtis has a price to pay and Rogers falls two places to #4.  Don't worry Rogers, the playoffs will soon be here and you can make your statement in the championship. Sorry Bellevue, blame scheduling but that leaves you at #5 falling one spot from last week.  Bellevue has a valid argument for #2, but so do the other teams.  If the Wolverines knock off Mercer Island this week,  the Committee will reserve their spot at #1 next week.  Auburn had two wins last week against ranked opponents and both games were tough battles.  The Trojans retain the #6 by subduing Auburn Mountainview in the 4th quarter and then surviving a defensive battle with Enumclaw in a come from behind one point victory.  Revenge was on Wilson's mind as they ventured to Covington Pool for their rematch with Kentridge.  The Rams ramped up their offense to secure a 16 to 10 victory which is good enough to keep their #7 ranking in this week's poll.  Enumclaw jumped out quickly to a five goal lead in their game against Stadium and that proved to be the difference.  A great defensive effort against Auburn fell short but the Hornets appear to have learned some lessons from the prior week and retain the #8 spot this week.  Newport stays at #9 by shutting out Shorewood last week.  This week's opponent will pose a bigger challenge as the Knights have the pleasure of meeting CPA.  A young Newport team has taken their knocks in league play against some of the best teams in state, but opponents should beware of the Knights come playoff time.  The future may be now for the Lions of Auburn Mountainview but they still have a tendency to display the attributes of their youth.  The Lions put forth a valiant effort for three quarters before fading against Auburn early in the week.  Then the Lions needed to come from behind to beat Auburn Riverside.  Auburn Mountainview remains at #10 for now, but Lakes is building their case for top ten recognition.

"Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work."  Vince Lombardi

Key Match-ups this Week

October 26th

Mercer Island vs. Bellevue (KCAC)

Auburn Mountainview vs. Wilson  (Wilson)

Roosevelt vs. Bainbridge Island (KCAC)

October 28th

Kentridge vs. Curtis (Mt. Tahoma)

October 30th

Lakes vs. Wilson  (Wilson)

Last week's Poll Question

Best unranked team?
The choices were between Lakes, Bainbridge, Kentridge, and Emerald Ridge.  Out of 33 votes, the top choice was Lakes receiving  15,  followed by Bainbridge with 10.  Both good choices from the Committee's perspective.  These teams started the season relatively inexperienced and have steadily improved as the season has progressed gaining the respect of their recent opponents.  Interestingly enough, both teams have the opportunity to pull off  big upsets this week against ranked teams.

Stay tuned: Later in the week, the committee will announce selections for Impact Players in Washington.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/18/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Rogers
  3. Roosevelt
  4. Bellevue
  5. Curtis
  6. Auburn
  7. Wilson
  8. Enumclaw
  9. Newport
  10. Auburn Mountainview
The Islander Express is on track, on time, and going full speed ahead.  Mercer Island dominated Roosevelt last week leaving the Roughriders in complete disarray.  Next stop is the battle of the Island teams when Mercer Island takes on an improving Bainbridge Island.  Bellevue, what were you thinking?  The Committee rewards you with the #2 ranking and you then take on Roosevelt without your top gun.  The Roughriders may have been in shambles after their Mercer Island debacle, but they're still a formidable foe for everyone else.  The loss drops Bellevue out of the #2 spot down to #4.  Hey Rogers, welcome back to #2.  Impressive wins over Lakes and Peninsula returns the Rams to  #2.  Your previous stay at #2 was short lived.  Oh look, your much anticipated rematch with Curtis is this week.  Okay Roosevelt, a loss to Mercer Island is no big deal and a win over the previous #2 must count for something.  The Roughriders move up one place to #3.  Curtis was dominating in wins over Lakes, Emerald Ridge, and Enumclaw.  Normally a week like that would move you up in the polls, but not this time. Curtis remains at #5.  You want to move up? Let's see what your high powered offense can do this week.  To Auburn, Enumclaw and Wilson: You're driving the Committee  nuts,  but it makes for quite a bit of excitement.  Auburn ran the table this week against Emerald Ridge, Wilson, and Kentridge.  A Trojan goal in the closing moments against Wilson provides the lift they needed to move up two places to #6.  Wilson's stay at #6 was brief but they are only falling one spot to #7. Ahh, youth is a wonderful thing.  The Rams are proving to be exciting, dangerous and a just little inconsistent.  Enumclaw had a challenging week with three matches against ranked opponents.  The Committee understands a close call against Auburn Mountainview. Hey, who could blame the Hornets for looking past them when Curtis and Bellevue are also on the schedule?  It could have been their finest hour but Enumclaw is not quite yet ready for prime time.  Both Curtis and Bellevue cranked up their offense at the Hornet's expense dropping Enumclaw one spot to #8.  Time to regroup and use the experience to your benefit come playoff time. Newport, the Committee can't figure you out. Two weeks ago you take Roosevelt to the limit.  Then your beat Bainbridge by five goals only to lose to them one week later.  The Committee assumes you have learned your lesson and keeps you at #9 for now, but any more slip ups will have you saying bye bye to the top ten.  Finally we come to Auburn Mountainview.  The Lions impressed the Committee in their one point loss to Enumclaw, but then fell victim the very next day to Emerald Ridge.  The Lions' winning record is the only thing keeping them at #10 this week.  Bainbridge Island, Kentridge, and Emerald Ridge appear to be improving quickly.  But with losing records, these teams will need more than just one upset of a ranked opponent to crack the top ten.

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."   John Wooden

Key Match-ups this Week

October 19th

Auburn Mountainview vs. Auburn (Auburn)

October 21st

Rogers vs. Curtis  (Rogers)

Auburn vs. Enumclaw  (Enumclaw)

Wilson vs. Kentridge  (Covington)

Last week's Poll Question

Week's best matchup?
The Wilson vs. Auburn matchup received the most votes at 13 and the Committee thinks the voters were right .  Nothing better than a game decided in the closing seconds of the game.  The Enumclaw vs. Curtis match received 10 votes, but the game did not live up to the anticipation.  Roosevelt vs. Bellevue received 8 votes and was an exciting game with a come from behind ending.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/11/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Bellevue
  3. Rogers
  4. Roosevelt
  5. Curtis
  6. Wilson
  7. Enumclaw
  8. Auburn
  9. Newport
  10. Auburn Mountainview
The planets appear to have returned to their proper alignment and the upsets of the prior week are just a fading memory.  Mercer Island put their loss to CPA behind them as they resumed rolling over league opponents.  Last week's victim was an inexperienced Shorewood team. Bellevue returned from a strong 2nd place showing at the Newberg Oregon Tournament and had the pleasure of meeting CPA who treated them to a 12 -7 defeat.  Don't worry Bellevue, you're still #2, but this weeks matchups with Roosevelt and Enumclaw will put your ranking to the test.  Rogers followed up their big win over Curtis with wins over Puyallup and Mark Morris.  Your #3 ranking is safe for now.  Roosevelt returned to action and needed a goal in the closing seconds to overcome an upset minded Newport.  The Roughriders grip on #4 remains tenuous. Let's see what you have this week against Mercer Island and Bellevue.  Curtis was still reeling form their heartbreak loss to Rogers when they ran into Wilson in Newberg losing to the Rams in overtime.  The #5 was up for grabs, but the Committee thinks you still deserve it for now.  Wilson's upset loss to Kentridge has lit a fire under them.  Not only did they bounce back with a win over Curtis, but they also scored strong victories over Auburn Mountainview and Enumclaw.  Wilson's impressive showing moves them up three spots to #6.  If Wilson moves up three places, then three other teams are moving down.  Enumclaw had wins over Auburn Riverside and Kentridge, but the loss to Wilson moves the Hornets down to #7.  Auburn slips to #8, despite impressive wins over Stadium and Puyallup.  A key showdown with Wilson this week will determine if the Trojans deserve a higher ranking.  Newport falls another spot to #9.  Hey, a 1 point loss to Roosevelt isn't bad, but you need some wins over ranked opponents if you want to move up the rankings.  Auburn Mountainview remains #10 splitting last week's games with a loss to Wilson and a win over Kentridge.  Mountainview's schedule gives them ample opportunity to knock off a higher ranked opponent. Stay tuned!

"Success isn't something that just happens - success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared."    Sparky Anderson

Key Match-ups this Week

October 12th

Mercer Island vs. Roosevelt

Wilson vs. Auburn

October 14th

Bellevue vs. Roosevelt (King County Aquatic Center)

Enumclaw vs. Curtis (Mt. Tahoma)

October 16th

Bellevue vs. Enumclaw  (Enumclaw)

Last week's Poll Question:

Biggest Surprise Outcome? 
The outcomes of the games might have been a surprise, but the result of the poll was predictable. Out of 41 votes, the Kentridge over Wilson outcome received 20 votes and was the clear winner in our poll.  11 voters picked the Rogers over Curtis outcome, and 10 voters picked CPA over Mercer Island.  No one picked the Enumclaw over Auburn outcome as a surprise.  (I bet someone from Auburn had to be a least a little surprised.)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/4/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Bellevue
  3. Rogers
  4. Roosevelt
  5. Curtis
  6. Enumclaw
  7. Auburn
  8. Newport
  9. Wilson
  10. Auburn Mountainview
Picking the Top 10 is easy. It's ranking them in the right order that's difficult.

An apparent disturbance in the space-time continuum derailed Mercer Island's bid for an undefeated season. In a game that lived up to the hype, CPA overcame an early 4 - 0 deficit and methodically took the Islanders out of their game to secure a nail biting come from behind victory, 10 to 9.  The Islanders are still #1, but their weaknesses have been exposed.  Roosevelt, where are you?  There is some great water polo being played and the Committee can't reward inactivity, so the Roughriders vacate the #2 spot and fall to #4.  Bellevue takes over the #2 spot with a convincing 13 to 7 win over previously #5 ranked Newport which falls to #8.  Would the real Rogers Water Polo team please step forward?  A previous #2 in the inaugural rankings, Rogers had a disappointing showing in the Auburn Tournament and fell to #9.  Oops, my bad! Rogers came back last week with a vengeance, crushing Emerald Ridge and then displaying lock down defense in a 5 - 3 victory over powerhouse Curtis.  An impressive week shoots Rogers back up the poll to the #3 spot.  Curtis looked to be on a roll starting last week with a win over Mark Morris before running into Rogers. The loss drops the Vikings one spot to #5. Mark your calendar for the Rogers/Curtis rematch on 10/21.  The Enumclaw Hornets began the week with a solid win over Stadium and were seeking revenge against Auburn for a loss in the finals of the Auburn Tournament.  Oh revenge is sweet, especially in the form of a four overtime sudden death 9 - 8 victory.  All that excitement moves Enumclaw up two places to #6.  Auburn started the week at #7 and defeated #10 Auburn Mountainview before experiencing the sudden death defeat.  Hey, these things happen and the Committee thinks Auburn still deserves the #7 ranking.  With Newport's loss dropping them to #8, Wilson was in prime position to move up the rankings.  Someone forgot to tell league newcomer Kentridge who pulled off one of the seasons' big upsets over Wilson.  The loss drops the Rams down three places to #9.  Rounding out the top 10, Auburn Mountainview holds on by virtue of splitting last weeks matches with a loss to Auburn and a win over Auburn Riverside.  Yes Lakes, the Committee is watching you.  If you want into the top 10, you need to knock off somebody in the top 10.

To the boys of CPA:  Great win over Mercer Island. The Committee is looking forward to an equally exciting championship rematch.  Sorry though, you're still not eligible for the rankings (but if you were, you would be #1 this week).

"You have to expect things to happen before you can do them."  Michael Jordan

Key Match-Ups this Week

October 5th

Newport vs. Roosevelt

Wilson vs. Auburn Mountainview

October 7th

CPA vs. Bellevue

Wilson vs. Enumclaw

Last weeks Poll Question:

Which team should be ranked #2 ?  Roosevelt, Bellevue, Curtis, or Newport
Roosevelt was the popular choice for which team should be ranked #2.  A logical choice based on the fact that they have not lost to any of the other 3 teams in the poll and defeated both Bellevue and Curtis.  However, since their losses to Roosevelt, both Bellevue and Curtis have played a lot more games than Roosevelt and that experience is very valuable.  As a result, Bellevue was named #2 in this week's ranking.

Do you have an idea for a poll question?  Send an email to the H2O Polo Committee.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 9/27/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Roosevelt
  3. Bellevue
  4. Curtis
  5. Newport
  6. Wilson
  7. Auburn
  8. Enumclaw
  9. Rogers
  10. Auburn Mountainview
The Mercer Island Express keeps rolling with a league opening victory over Newport. I think the only thing that can knock the Islanders out of the #1 position is a well timed flu bug.  Rogers started the week with wins over Peninsula and Lakes, but tumble from #2 down to #9 after absorbing losses to Auburn and Enumclaw during the Auburn Tournament.  Roosevelt inherits the #2 spot based on their performance a week ago at the United Fall Tournament, but their grip on the #2 ranking is a tenuous one.  A league opening loss to CPA doesn't penalize them but tough challenges await. Bellevue moves up to #3 with wins over Shorewood and Bainbridge.  Curtis racked up three wins against Emerald Ridge, Lakes, and Wilson, moving them up to the #4 spot.  Newport bounced back after Mercer Island with a win over Bainbridge and gets the #5 spot.  At this point in the season, teams 2 through 5 appear capable of beating each other.  Wilson started the week with a one point victory over Auburn and that was enough to move them up one place to #6.  Anytime you win a tournament, it is a significant accomplishment.  Auburn did just that winning the Auburn Tournament with key victories over Rogers and Enumclaw.  Auburn moves up two places to #7 and have a legitimate argument for an even higher ranking in the weeks to come.  Enumclaw stays at the #8 spot.  Quality wins over Auburn Mountainview and Rogers, and a one point loss to Auburn indicate that the Hornets are on the rise and will pose a challenge to higher ranked opponents.  New to the rankings is Auburn Mountainview which earned their way in with a fourth place finish at the Auburn Tournament.  Lakes and Auburn Riverside are on the outside looking in this week, but with a win over a ranked opponent they could stake their claim in the top 10.

"The key is not the will to win . . .  everybody has that.  It is the will to prepare that is important."       Bobby Knight

Make Your Practices Count!

Key Match-Ups this Week

September 28th
CPA vs. Mercer Island:   Marquee game of the season.  If you want to see the best  high school teams in the state, this is the game to see.  8:30pm at the King County Aquatic Center (Free admission)

Auburn vs. Auburn Mountainview

Bellevue vs. Newport

September 30th

Curtis vs. Rogers

Enumclaw vs. Auburn

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 9/20/2010

1.  Mercer Island
2.  Rogers
3.  Roosevelt
4.  Bellevue
5.  Curtis
6.  Newport
7.  Wilson
8.  Enumclaw
9.  Auburn
10.Auburn Riverside

Apologies to the boys of CPA.  You are really good, but because you are not affiliated with a high school, you were not included in the rankings.  (You would be #2)

Mercer Island earned the #1 spot by overpowering the competition  last weekend in the United Fall Tournament.  MI scored impressive wins over Bellevue, Curtis, Roosevelt, Wilson, CPA, and Bainbridge.  Rogers starts the year at #2 based on a 4 - 0 record and notable wins over Enumclaw and Bellevue.    Roosevelt defeated Bellevue, Curtis, and Wilson giving them a surprise #3 ranking.  At #4, Bellevue dropped their season opener to Rogers but rebounded with wins over Wilson and Curtis.  Perennial power Curtis is #5.  They have had strong start in league play but had some difficulty with the teams up north.  Curtis and Rogers meet at the end of September in what might be the preview of the SPSL State Championship.  #6 Newport returns with some experienced players but has not seen much action to date.  Graduation appears to have taken a toll on #7 Wilson, but they challenged Rogers in their season opener losing by one and nipped Enumclaw at the last second.  An improved Enumclaw comes in at #8.  Auburn and Auburn Riverside take the #9 and #10 spots in this weeks poll.  The Auburn Tournament this weekend could shake things up a little.  Auburn Mountainview is on the doorstep and wants in.

These ranking are unofficial and simply for fun.  Your comments are encouraged.  Please keep them positive and clean.