Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boys High School Rankings For Week of 10/2/2011

  1. Newport
  2. Roosevelt
  3. Bellevue
  4. Curtis
  5. Rogers
  6. Auburn Riverside
  7. Bainbridge Island
  8. Auburn Mountainview
  9. Puyallup
  10. Wilson
It seems like the season just started and we are already approaching the midpoint.  There really is no clearly dominant team and there is still plenty of time to move up or down in the rankings. A win over a higher ranked opponent can move you up, but a loss to a lower rank opponent can send you down or even out. There is always a team waiting to get into the top ten.

Newport had the pleasure of playing CPA and took one on the chin in a 14 -  4 loss.  Don't worry Knights, your No. 1 ranking is still intact.  CPA beats everyone.  Speaking of CPA,  you guys are really good and your parents love you very much, but you are still not eligible for the rankings.  However, you are fun to watch and any team that gets to play you is stronger for the experience.  Hey Newport, this week your game at Bainbridge counts.  Your  #1 ranking comes with a target on your back.  Roosevelt holds onto the No. 2 spot with an 11 - 7 victory over Bainbridge.  This could be Roosevelt's year if they can survive the brutal North division.  Bellevue jumps up a spot to No. 3 with a 20 - 6 victory over Mercer Island.  Seems like the Wolverines were taking out a decade's worth of frustration.  This week, Bellevue takes on Roosevelt and the #2 spot will be up for grabs.  Bellevue wants to prove that their earlier victory over the Roughriders was not a fluke.  In a rematch of last year's championship game, Curtis suffered a 1 point defeat at the hands of Rogers and drops a spot to No. 4.  Probably a good lesson to learn earlier rather than later.  With the win,  Rogers gains a measure of revenge and moves up three places to No. 5Why #5 and not ahead of Curtis, you ask?  Hey, its a tough call but the Committee has to take a look at the entire body of work like Roger's 1 point victory over Emerald Ridge and their performance at the Auburn Tournament.   Last week, Auburn Riverside earned a 1 point victory over Auburn Mountainview but moves down a spot to No. 6.  Blame Rogers, when one team shoots up the poll, others drop at least spot.  That's okay, # 6 is still impressive.  Bainbridge Island comes in at  No. 7.  The Committee knows you think you deserve to be higher. Nothing wrong with dropping a match to Roosevelt and your  schedule provides plenty of opportunities to move up the in the rankings. Oh look, Newport is taking the ferry to Bainbridge this week.  Just when the Committee was considering moving Puyallup up a spot, a score comes across the wire;  Auburn Mountainview 11 Puyallup 3.  It appears the Lions of Auburn Mountainview have awakened and they jump up 2 places to the No. 8 position. Puyallup was on a roll until their encounter with Auburn Mountainview.  What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and the Vikings remain in the No. 9 position.  Wilson drops three spots to No. 10. The Committee knows that Wilson beat Rogers earlier in the season but the losses are starting to build up. A few wins would help if the Rams want to remain in the Top 10.

Last weeks Poll Question:  Which Team Deserves to be Ranked in the top Ten?

The choices were : Lakes, Mercer Island, Peninsula and Enumclaw

Every team was able to garner support.  Of course, it would help if one of these teams had some wins last week to support their cause.  Enumclaw had a good excuse because both of their games were cancelled.  Enumclaw got the most votes.  Heck, the Committee would love to see Enumclaw in the rankings.  The Enumclaw Water Polo Blog drives a lot of traffic to this site when they're ranked.

The Committee will be on their annual retreat this week and might have trouble posting scores.  Keep emailing scores and every effort will be made to post them, ( but no promises )


    1. Roosevelt looked good tonight against bellevue

    2. Auburn Riverside v. Newport on Tuesday!

    3. What was the score of the AR and Newport game? Also, I heard Peninsula had a great game with Bainbridge this week. I think BI won by a couple?

    4. Sorry I should've clarified. I meant Ar v Newport Tuesday the 11th