Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/9/2011

  1. Newport
  2. Roosevelt
  3. Bellevue
  4. Curtis
  5. Rogers
  6. Auburn Riverside
  7. Bainbridge
  8. Auburn Mountainview
  9. Puyallup
  10. Enumclaw

No one said life at the No.1 spot was going to be easy.  The Newport Knights started their Island themed week with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and barely escaped the turbulent waters of the Bainbridge Aquatic Center with a 1 point victory.  Gee, now I know why the north teams seldom traveled to Bainbridge in years past. It's a tough place to play against the Spartans of Bainbridge.  The Newport Knights secured another week at No. 1 with their win and closed out the week with a relatively easy victory over Mercer Island.  The big battle of the week was for the No. 2 ranking when Bellevue travelled to North Seattle to take on the Roosevelt Roughriders.  The match was close for three quarters but Roosevelt was able to pull away in the fourth quarter for a 9 - 6 victory.  To the victorious Roughriders goes the No. 2 ranking in this weeks poll.  The Roosevelt/Bellevue rubber match could very well lead to playoff elimination for one of these top ranked teams.   Bellevue held on to the No. 3 spot with a convincing 14-9 victory over Bainbridge.  Curtis remains in the No. 4 position with victories over Puyallup, Peninsula, and Mark Morris.  Hmmm, the Peninsula game was very close.  (Just saying.)  Rogers continues to reside at No. 5 and shows that they are one of the elite teams with victories over Mark Morris and Auburn Mountainview.  Auburn Riverside lit up the scoreboard with 25 goals in their victory over Enumclaw and retains the No. 6 position.  (Note to AR:  If you have the Internet, could you keep the committee apprised of your results? Thanks)  Yes Bainbridge, that means you are still No. 7.  Another impressive showing against Newport, but the Committee doesn't want to make a habit of rewarding moral victories. You still have a chance to move up.  Isn't Roosevelt taking a ferry to Bainbridge in a week or so?   Following a loss to Rogers, the Auburn Mountainview Lions recovered with wins over Wilson and Kentridge, which is good enough to hold onto the No. 8 ranking for another week. Puyallup had the pleasure of getting thumped by Curtis, but that puts them in pretty good company and their No. 9 ranking is safe this week.  The choice for No. 10 is a difficult one. Wilson was on the ropes last week and their loss to Enumclaw knocks them out of the rankings.  Peninsula's close game with Curtis peaked the Committee's interest, but then it brings up that moral victory stuff.  Enumclaw did beat last weeks No. 10 team, and the Hornets deserve the No.10 ranking this week.  Congratulations Enumclaw, but be careful, things can be dangerous at No. 10.


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