Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/4/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Bellevue
  3. Rogers
  4. Roosevelt
  5. Curtis
  6. Enumclaw
  7. Auburn
  8. Newport
  9. Wilson
  10. Auburn Mountainview
Picking the Top 10 is easy. It's ranking them in the right order that's difficult.

An apparent disturbance in the space-time continuum derailed Mercer Island's bid for an undefeated season. In a game that lived up to the hype, CPA overcame an early 4 - 0 deficit and methodically took the Islanders out of their game to secure a nail biting come from behind victory, 10 to 9.  The Islanders are still #1, but their weaknesses have been exposed.  Roosevelt, where are you?  There is some great water polo being played and the Committee can't reward inactivity, so the Roughriders vacate the #2 spot and fall to #4.  Bellevue takes over the #2 spot with a convincing 13 to 7 win over previously #5 ranked Newport which falls to #8.  Would the real Rogers Water Polo team please step forward?  A previous #2 in the inaugural rankings, Rogers had a disappointing showing in the Auburn Tournament and fell to #9.  Oops, my bad! Rogers came back last week with a vengeance, crushing Emerald Ridge and then displaying lock down defense in a 5 - 3 victory over powerhouse Curtis.  An impressive week shoots Rogers back up the poll to the #3 spot.  Curtis looked to be on a roll starting last week with a win over Mark Morris before running into Rogers. The loss drops the Vikings one spot to #5. Mark your calendar for the Rogers/Curtis rematch on 10/21.  The Enumclaw Hornets began the week with a solid win over Stadium and were seeking revenge against Auburn for a loss in the finals of the Auburn Tournament.  Oh revenge is sweet, especially in the form of a four overtime sudden death 9 - 8 victory.  All that excitement moves Enumclaw up two places to #6.  Auburn started the week at #7 and defeated #10 Auburn Mountainview before experiencing the sudden death defeat.  Hey, these things happen and the Committee thinks Auburn still deserves the #7 ranking.  With Newport's loss dropping them to #8, Wilson was in prime position to move up the rankings.  Someone forgot to tell league newcomer Kentridge who pulled off one of the seasons' big upsets over Wilson.  The loss drops the Rams down three places to #9.  Rounding out the top 10, Auburn Mountainview holds on by virtue of splitting last weeks matches with a loss to Auburn and a win over Auburn Riverside.  Yes Lakes, the Committee is watching you.  If you want into the top 10, you need to knock off somebody in the top 10.

To the boys of CPA:  Great win over Mercer Island. The Committee is looking forward to an equally exciting championship rematch.  Sorry though, you're still not eligible for the rankings (but if you were, you would be #1 this week).

"You have to expect things to happen before you can do them."  Michael Jordan

Key Match-Ups this Week

October 5th

Newport vs. Roosevelt

Wilson vs. Auburn Mountainview

October 7th

CPA vs. Bellevue

Wilson vs. Enumclaw

Last weeks Poll Question:

Which team should be ranked #2 ?  Roosevelt, Bellevue, Curtis, or Newport
Roosevelt was the popular choice for which team should be ranked #2.  A logical choice based on the fact that they have not lost to any of the other 3 teams in the poll and defeated both Bellevue and Curtis.  However, since their losses to Roosevelt, both Bellevue and Curtis have played a lot more games than Roosevelt and that experience is very valuable.  As a result, Bellevue was named #2 in this week's ranking.

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  1. What about Roger's win over Bellevue back in September? Where does this change the rankings for 2/3?

  2. Rogers had a quality win over Bellevue on 9/14 which was one of the reasons Rogers was initially ranked #2 in the first poll. I believe that was Roger's third game of the season and Bellevue's first. Prior to the first poll, Bellevue defeated both Wilson and Curtis and was initially ranked number #4 behind Rogers and Roosevelt. Once the rankings are out, holding on to a ranking or moving up has more to do with the most recent games. Rogers was defeated twice in the Auburn Tournament by lower ranked teams and their subsequent ranking fell. Don't know if Rogers was missing players at the tournament or had trouble defending in a shallow end goal setup, but the Committee only considers the results. Bellevue, Rogers, Roosevelt, and Curtis are all good teams and suspect they are capable of beating each other.

  3. Did you hear about Wilson's 9-8 win over Curtis at the Newberg tournament in Oregon this last weekend?

  4. Yes, I got the score on Monday after the rankings had been posted. Seems like the upset loss to Kentridge lit a fire under them.

  5. Im reporting a score that you don't have.
    10/5/10 Auburn Vs. Stadium. Auburn won 22-8 With #4 on Auburn scoring 8 goals.

  6. 2 scores

    10/11/10: Auburn 13 Emerald Ridge 7

    10/12/10: Auburn 10 Wilson 9

    Yay!! Also we play Kentridge on Thursday, should be a rough game.