Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/18/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Rogers
  3. Roosevelt
  4. Bellevue
  5. Curtis
  6. Auburn
  7. Wilson
  8. Enumclaw
  9. Newport
  10. Auburn Mountainview
The Islander Express is on track, on time, and going full speed ahead.  Mercer Island dominated Roosevelt last week leaving the Roughriders in complete disarray.  Next stop is the battle of the Island teams when Mercer Island takes on an improving Bainbridge Island.  Bellevue, what were you thinking?  The Committee rewards you with the #2 ranking and you then take on Roosevelt without your top gun.  The Roughriders may have been in shambles after their Mercer Island debacle, but they're still a formidable foe for everyone else.  The loss drops Bellevue out of the #2 spot down to #4.  Hey Rogers, welcome back to #2.  Impressive wins over Lakes and Peninsula returns the Rams to  #2.  Your previous stay at #2 was short lived.  Oh look, your much anticipated rematch with Curtis is this week.  Okay Roosevelt, a loss to Mercer Island is no big deal and a win over the previous #2 must count for something.  The Roughriders move up one place to #3.  Curtis was dominating in wins over Lakes, Emerald Ridge, and Enumclaw.  Normally a week like that would move you up in the polls, but not this time. Curtis remains at #5.  You want to move up? Let's see what your high powered offense can do this week.  To Auburn, Enumclaw and Wilson: You're driving the Committee  nuts,  but it makes for quite a bit of excitement.  Auburn ran the table this week against Emerald Ridge, Wilson, and Kentridge.  A Trojan goal in the closing moments against Wilson provides the lift they needed to move up two places to #6.  Wilson's stay at #6 was brief but they are only falling one spot to #7. Ahh, youth is a wonderful thing.  The Rams are proving to be exciting, dangerous and a just little inconsistent.  Enumclaw had a challenging week with three matches against ranked opponents.  The Committee understands a close call against Auburn Mountainview. Hey, who could blame the Hornets for looking past them when Curtis and Bellevue are also on the schedule?  It could have been their finest hour but Enumclaw is not quite yet ready for prime time.  Both Curtis and Bellevue cranked up their offense at the Hornet's expense dropping Enumclaw one spot to #8.  Time to regroup and use the experience to your benefit come playoff time. Newport, the Committee can't figure you out. Two weeks ago you take Roosevelt to the limit.  Then your beat Bainbridge by five goals only to lose to them one week later.  The Committee assumes you have learned your lesson and keeps you at #9 for now, but any more slip ups will have you saying bye bye to the top ten.  Finally we come to Auburn Mountainview.  The Lions impressed the Committee in their one point loss to Enumclaw, but then fell victim the very next day to Emerald Ridge.  The Lions' winning record is the only thing keeping them at #10 this week.  Bainbridge Island, Kentridge, and Emerald Ridge appear to be improving quickly.  But with losing records, these teams will need more than just one upset of a ranked opponent to crack the top ten.

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."   John Wooden

Key Match-ups this Week

October 19th

Auburn Mountainview vs. Auburn (Auburn)

October 21st

Rogers vs. Curtis  (Rogers)

Auburn vs. Enumclaw  (Enumclaw)

Wilson vs. Kentridge  (Covington)

Last week's Poll Question

Week's best matchup?
The Wilson vs. Auburn matchup received the most votes at 13 and the Committee thinks the voters were right .  Nothing better than a game decided in the closing seconds of the game.  The Enumclaw vs. Curtis match received 10 votes, but the game did not live up to the anticipation.  Roosevelt vs. Bellevue received 8 votes and was an exciting game with a come from behind ending.


  1. Hey, I noticed you didn't mention Auburn's victory over Auburn Riverside on Saturday 10/16/10

  2. Give me the score and I will post it. Thanks

  3. I think the score was Auburn 18 Riverside 10

  4. Curtis' win over Lakes was less than impressive compared to their prior match up. It was tied 4 to 4 at the end of the first and 6 to 4 at half. Maybe this should be noted and give credit to other teams besides the consistent 'top ten'.

  5. No doubt some of the other teams are improving and posing interesting challenges to the higher ranked teams. Lakes is certainly one of the teams that is poised to surprise some opponents come playoff time. I only watch a few games a week and unless someone provides me with information from the other games, it is difficult to include much insight other than the final score. Keep the information coming my way by posting a comment or sending me an email following a game and I'll be happy to work it into the weekly posting. Thanks.

  6. The top ten is fine the way it is, Lakes has yet to be a force to be reckoned with the top ten teams. Even if they stayed close with Curtis in one game, scoreboard check: 14 to 5. That kind of score IS in fact impressive.