Friday, October 29, 2010


The Committee considers an Impact Player to be one of the elite players in their league.  They're a player that can impact the game both offensively and defensively. Opposing coaches are aware of them and adjust game plans because of them, but these players still deliver.   When the game is on the line,  these are the players that can step up to make the difference.

The following Impact Players received multiple nominations from opposing coaches. With one exception, recognition was limited to one field player per team. 
(Listed in no particular order and my apologies for any misspelling of names)

Bryan Diebag, Auburn:  Very athletic player that poses a constant offensive threat when the ball is in his hand.

Conner Stinson, Roosevelt:  Possesses a mind for the game. Great anticipation and defensive skills make him one of the top thieves in the state as well as being an ever present scoring threat on the perimeter.

Matt Archer, Lakes: Powerful and athletic with an up tempo game and the ability to score from anywhere.

Eugene Chong, Mercer Island:  Was a member of the national junior team for a reason. A natural in the water that makes it look easy.  Best all around player in the state who can simply can do it all!

Nick Anthony, Wilson:  All around threat.  Strong hole set, defender and outside shooter.

Henry Fox, Mercer Island:  Big, strong and fast.  Can play all facets of the game. Incredible outside shot and excellent counter attacker who will take his game to the next level.

Justin Jones, Rogers:  Powerful shooter who possesses a strong tread giving him the ability to soar over defenders for a catch and shoot.

Chase Middlesworth, Bellevue:  A versatile physical player. A premier driver that is a constant scoring threat whenever and wherever he has the ball with shut down defensive skills both inside and out.

Adam Florsheim, CPA:  Only a sophomore whose goalie skills make him a game changer.  Ability to force even the best shooters to rethink their shots.

Peter Hammer, Curtis: Strong all around game.  Big offensive threat both on the inside and on the perimeter with the ability to take a game over. 

Garrett Hall,  Enumclaw:  Good team leader with a strong outside shot and the ability to score from anywhere.

Lee Griffin, Newport:  Big quick and dangerous in the hole set with the ability to also shoot from the outside.

Nick Glidden, CPA:  Left handed threat with the defensive skills to shutdown anyone.

Max Spaulding, Rogers: Experience,leadership, and skill make him one the states defensive stalwarts between the posts.

Hunter Arnold, Auburn Mountainview:  Strong all around game. Well grounded in the fundamentals both offensively and defensively.


  1. Which team would win in a North vs. South All-Star game?

  2. The South Sound league is a bigger league with more athletes playing water polo, so traditional thinking would give a South All-Star team the advantage. However, like other high school sports, most of the top high school water polo players also play club water polo. Many of the top south end players play for Puget Sound Water Polo and most of the top northend players play for United Water Polo. In head to head competition, United has been the dominant club. In a South vs. North All-Star game, the North team would be a heavy favorite this year.