Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boys High School Rankings for Week of 10/25/2010

  1. Mercer Island
  2. Roosevelt
  3. Curtis
  4. Rogers
  5. Bellevue
  6. Auburn
  7. Wilson
  8. Enumclaw
  9. Newport
  10. Auburn Mountainview

Lets start with the easy stuff.  Mercer Island retains the #1 position winning the battle of the island teams over Bainbridge 13 - 4.  An improving Bainbridge team is not a major threat for Mercer Island, but can pose challenges to other league opponents.  The difference between #2 through #5 is razor thin which is probably the reason no team has been able to hold on to the #2 spot. Curtis's victory over Rogers leaves the rankings in a state of turmoil befuddling the Committee.  A four way tie for #2 is not unreasonable, but a little controversy is much more fun.  The choice is not easy, but this much we do know:  In games played amongst Rogers, Curtis, Roosevelt and Bellevue, the only team that has not lost is Roosevelt.  In games that the Committee is aware of,  Roosevelt has two wins over Bellevue and one win over Curtis.  Roosevelt does not appear to dominate any opponents but has an uncanny ability to hang around and hold on for the win.  This week it's good enough (barely) for the #2 ranking. Beware Roosevelt, the #2 ranking comes with a target and Bainbridge is just the type of team that could surprise the Roughriders this week.  The Committee has been tough on Curtis since the first weekly poll following the United Fall Tournament.  Curtis is the only team to lose games to each of the other top 5 teams.  However, it's not how you start but how you finish and last week's one point win over Rogers is proof enough that Curtis deserves at least the #3 spot this week.  Rogers was #2 last week, but the loss to Curtis has a price to pay and Rogers falls two places to #4.  Don't worry Rogers, the playoffs will soon be here and you can make your statement in the championship. Sorry Bellevue, blame scheduling but that leaves you at #5 falling one spot from last week.  Bellevue has a valid argument for #2, but so do the other teams.  If the Wolverines knock off Mercer Island this week,  the Committee will reserve their spot at #1 next week.  Auburn had two wins last week against ranked opponents and both games were tough battles.  The Trojans retain the #6 by subduing Auburn Mountainview in the 4th quarter and then surviving a defensive battle with Enumclaw in a come from behind one point victory.  Revenge was on Wilson's mind as they ventured to Covington Pool for their rematch with Kentridge.  The Rams ramped up their offense to secure a 16 to 10 victory which is good enough to keep their #7 ranking in this week's poll.  Enumclaw jumped out quickly to a five goal lead in their game against Stadium and that proved to be the difference.  A great defensive effort against Auburn fell short but the Hornets appear to have learned some lessons from the prior week and retain the #8 spot this week.  Newport stays at #9 by shutting out Shorewood last week.  This week's opponent will pose a bigger challenge as the Knights have the pleasure of meeting CPA.  A young Newport team has taken their knocks in league play against some of the best teams in state, but opponents should beware of the Knights come playoff time.  The future may be now for the Lions of Auburn Mountainview but they still have a tendency to display the attributes of their youth.  The Lions put forth a valiant effort for three quarters before fading against Auburn early in the week.  Then the Lions needed to come from behind to beat Auburn Riverside.  Auburn Mountainview remains at #10 for now, but Lakes is building their case for top ten recognition.

"Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work."  Vince Lombardi

Key Match-ups this Week

October 26th

Mercer Island vs. Bellevue (KCAC)

Auburn Mountainview vs. Wilson  (Wilson)

Roosevelt vs. Bainbridge Island (KCAC)

October 28th

Kentridge vs. Curtis (Mt. Tahoma)

October 30th

Lakes vs. Wilson  (Wilson)

Last week's Poll Question

Best unranked team?
The choices were between Lakes, Bainbridge, Kentridge, and Emerald Ridge.  Out of 33 votes, the top choice was Lakes receiving  15,  followed by Bainbridge with 10.  Both good choices from the Committee's perspective.  These teams started the season relatively inexperienced and have steadily improved as the season has progressed gaining the respect of their recent opponents.  Interestingly enough, both teams have the opportunity to pull off  big upsets this week against ranked teams.

Stay tuned: Later in the week, the committee will announce selections for Impact Players in Washington.


  1. Ignoring the rankings, I'm curious who the comittee believes has a tougher road to the championship game: Curtis having to go through Auburn or Rogers having to go through Wilson assuming there are no first round upsets.

  2. Good Question. Curtis and Rogers are virtually even in the Committee's opinion and so are Auburn and Wilson. That being said, the Committee thinks Wilson can pose the tougher challenge for Rogers in the semis for several reasons. First, Wilson is the defendng champion and though they aren't the same team from a year ago they still have players and a coach with championship experience. Second, Wilson has played against a greater variety of styles this season participating in the United Fall tournament against the northend teams and the Newberg Tournament in Oregon in which they upset Curtis. That type of experience can play dividends in the playoffs. Finally, the anatomy of an upset is usually based on defense. Wilson does have the personnel to apply pressure defense on the perimeter as well as guard the hole set. If Wilson can protect the ball offensively, use the shot clock wisely, and take high percentage shots without exposing themselves to a counter attack they can hang with Rogers in a low scoring game. If they are within a goal or two going into the 4th qtr., an upset is possible.